Fundraising Campaign for the Humane Society

UPDATE: To all of my dear followers and readers – the Humane Society REALLY needs your help due to the wildfires here in California. Think about all of the burned, injured and displaced pets.   I used to live in Paradise, California. The whole town is gone! My heart weeps for all of the pets and everyone that is lost and has lost their home and business. It’s just catastrophic and heartbreaking!   Can you PLEASE just […]

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Natural Dog Anal Glands Treatment

Dog Health

ANAL GLAND PROBLEMS IN DOGS   Not a pleasant subject, but many dogs suffer from anal gland problems. Difficulties with the anal glands are primarily canine problems. Dogs have a pair of small scent glands on either side of the anus, under the tail. Similar in structure to the scent gland of the skunk, they contain a strong-smelling material that is apparently used to mark territory or to express extreme fear.   Problems manifest either as abscesses […]

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Is Dog Obedience School For You?

dog obedience school

Are you thinking about Dog Obedience School?   Do you know what to expect out of it? Do you know what it costs or where to find a good dog obedience school?   If not, let me help take out some of the mystery of finding one to make sure you and your dog get the best experience you can.     If you have searched the web in this topic, you probably found some sites that […]

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When To Use A Dog Seat Cover Or A Dog Carrier For Your Car

Dog Carrier

Dog Seat Cover or Dog Carrier?   As a dog owner, you want to bring your dog with you for a drive, but you are concerned about your leather car seat being scratched or dirtied. You can either get a dog seat cover for your car or a dog carrier for your dog. But which is better?   There are a wide variety of dog carriers and dog seat covers available on the market. It can be […]

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Preparing for Your New Dog or Puppy – What You Need to Know Before he Comes Home

Preparing for your new dog or puppy

  Preparing yourself and your household before, during, and after your pet comes home is an essential step to successfully integrating your new dog or puppy into its new environment. Give the new puppy or dog plenty of time to adjust; most experts recommend at least ten days. And, if possible, be sure to bring the extra addition at a time when you will be home for a period of two or more days in a row. […]

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GiveAway Time! Potty Training for Puppies, Multiple Winners!

Potty Training for Puppies

Click on “Play Now” below to see if you’re a winner. Please come back to our site as we plan to do these GiveAways often!     See this Amazon Giveaway for a chance to win: POTTY TRAINING FOR PUPPIES Complete Guide. Click the link below to play and see if you’re a winner!    Click To  << PLAY NOW >>     NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules   Or Buy one […]

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Health Concerns Commonly Found In Senior Small Dogs: Part 3

More Common Health Concerns for Your Senior Small Dog Arthritis in Senior Small Dogs:   Arthritis has become a common ailment in dogs, especially the older dog. Several factors contribute to this condition, including an all-cooked-food diet, lack of exercise, poor absorption of minerals and lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It occurs as an inflammation in bones and joints. The onset is gradual and the owner notices the dog having increased difficulty in walking, getting […]

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Health Concerns Commonly Found In Senior Small Dogs: Part 2

Small Senior Dog

Common Health Concerns Found In Senior Small Dogs Abrasions in Senior Small Dogs:   Abrasions are often caused by scratching and biting skin surfaces that itch. Herbal treatments include an infusion of blackberry leaves, rosemary leaves or elder flowers and leaves to which a little witch hazel has been added. Apply topically to abrasions. It is recommended that no greasy preparations be used because they will retain moisture on the skin surfaces and retard healing. Abscesses in […]

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Older Small Dog Health Care – Part 1

The Geriatric (Older) Small Dog   A small dog will mature and age at much different rates, usually according to size and breed. It is commonly held that dogs live 7 years for every year that man does. However, this serves as only a rough estimate when converting and calculating your small dog’s age as dogs grow up very rapidly in their early years and then slow down. For example, a 1 year old dog is comparable […]

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