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    How to find best Tactical Dog Harness

    Depending on the activities you like to do with your dog, they often require different equipment to participate adequately. If you’ve been looking into purchasing a harness or other equipment for your dog, it’s important to purchase the product that best suits your dog’s needs and size. For hikers wanting to involve their dog in […] More

  • Dog Training Collar

    Dog Training Collar – Product Review

    Training your dog takes time and energy. A new puppy is a lot of fun, but their innocent behavior can lead you into a lot of messes and destruction from chewing to dog poop on your floor. Training is a must for any new pet owner, and training starts with the right dog training collar. […] More

  • gps tracker for dogs

    Best smart GPS Tracker for Dogs

    If you have a dog that often wanders off to explore, then you may want to invest in a GPS Tracker for Dogs. This will help ensure that when your furry loved one has gone off on an adventure that you can always find them and bring them back home. With these systems, dog tracking […] More

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    Why Mixed Breed Mutts are Awesome

    The percentage of dogs euthanized in asylums is medium to large mixed breed dogs. We think it’s an absurd figure since we all know that “mutt” as we like to say, is amazing! Here are the ten reasons why mixed breed dogs rule! 1: They are unique – the number one question people ask is […] More

  • can dogs read minds
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    Now Trending – Can Dogs Read Minds?

    Juliane Kaminski, a cognitive psychologist quoted “We think that we are looking at a special adaptation in dogs to be sensitive to human forms of communication,” and a co-author at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology told Discovery News. So, can dogs read minds? “There is multiple evidence suggesting that selection pressures during domestication have […] More

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