My Journey to Raising Holistic, All Natural Dogs

Holistic Dog

THE HOLISTIC APPROACH   I made it a first priority to learn more about nutrition for my dogs. After some self-directed study, I was convinced that nutrition was a very significant factor in maintaining health and treating disease. There was a wealth of research, for example, showing that a number of specific vitamins are essential to the normal functioning of the dog’s immune system. Most surprising to me was the fact that proper nutrition could boost the […]

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A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Dog for Life

Thinking of getting a Dog for Christmas? From a family that runs an animal sanctuary in California:     Even though they love what they do, they feel that some people need to realise that a pet should be a long term commitment. They should not be seen as just a bit of fun which they can then get rid of when they get bored.   A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas Many people […]

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday Dog Supplies – Shop for your Pup!

Buy dog coats online

      FREE MuttNation Rescue Mutt Plush Toy with any MuttNation Bed purchase at ($12.99 value)! Use code CYBERMUTT to save through 11/27/18. Every purchase helps fund the mutt rescue and adoption programs of Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation. Click Here   Raw Paws Gourmet Sweet Potato Chip Dog Treats, 8 oz Price: $7.99 SnooZZy Chevron Couch Dog Bed – Chocolate Price: $99.99 SnooZZy Chevron Couch Dog Bed – Gray Price: $99.99 Aspen Pet Corduroy Pillow […]

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Dog Arthritis – Natural Remedies

Dog Arthritis

HOME REMEDIES DOG ARTHRITIS   Dog arthritis and bone disease are much more common in dogs than in cats and usually take one of several forms. Here are some dog arthritis natural remedies and an explanation of the different types of arthritis your pooch can get.   Hip dysplasia: a malformation of the hip sockets that allows excessive movement in the joint, causing chronic inflammation, calcium deposits and further breakdown. This was first seen in the larger […]

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Amazon GiveAway! Paw Print Fluffy Dog Blanket Soft and Warm

dog blanket

Click on “Play Now” below to see if you’re a winner. Please come back to our site as we plan to do these GiveAways often!     See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Paw Print Fluffy Dog Blanket Soft and Warm . Click the link below to play and see if you’re a winner!    Click To  << PLAY NOW >>     NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules   Or […]

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Natural Dog Anal Glands Treatment

Dog Health

ANAL GLAND PROBLEMS IN DOGS   Not a pleasant subject, but many dogs suffer from anal gland problems. Difficulties with the anal glands are primarily canine problems. Dogs have a pair of small scent glands on either side of the anus, under the tail. Similar in structure to the scent gland of the skunk, they contain a strong-smelling material that is apparently used to mark territory or to express extreme fear.   Problems manifest either as abscesses […]

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