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  • herbal supplements for dogs


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    Herbal Supplements For Dogs – Do They Work?

    Pet owners naturally want to make sure that their furry friends are as healthy as possible for as long as possible. One of the largest parts of this will focus on making sure that they have a balanced diet and get an appropriate amount of exercise. While there are a variety of things that will […] More

  • why mixed breed mutts
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    Why Mixed Breed Mutts are Awesome

    The percentage of dogs euthanized in asylums is medium to large mixed breed dogs. We think it’s an absurd figure since we all know that “mutt” as we like to say, is amazing! Here are the reasons why mixed breed dogs rule.   1: They are unique – the number one question people ask is […] More

  • can dogs read minds
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    Now Trending – Can Dogs Read Minds? Here’s what the research shows

    Juliane Kaminski, a cognitive psychologist quoted “We think that we are looking at a special adaptation in dogs to be sensitive to human forms of communication,” and a co-author at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology told Discovery News. So, can dogs read minds? “There is multiple evidence suggesting that selection pressures during domestication have […] More

  • about canines

    15 Details About Canines (that may leave you breathless)

    Take pleasure in these amusing canine details that deliver a wide range of details about fascinating ideas on canine breeds and far more. Because the well-known saying goes, canines are man’s greatest buddy. Whether or not it’s a reliable worker, loyal companions or household pets, canines are nice home animals that provide a variety of […] More

  • How a Dog Makes Me a Better Person

    How a Dog Makes Me a Better Person

    From driving out people to be more active, to reduce the risk of heart disease, to assist us in fighting depression, dogs, in a way, can help us live longer and happier lives. But as busy professionals, exactly what does dog ownership teach us? How can we benefit from such our unique lifestyle? Here are […] More

  • Vitamin Dogs – for a Better Life
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    Vitamin Dogs – for a Better Life

    If there is a new vitamin that would help us live longer, cure our anxiety, and lessen our chance of having heart ailments, for sure everyone would want it. But there is such a vitamin, it is called vitamin P, and the P stands for puppies. We all know that exercises such as yoga and […] More

  • What Your Child Gets from a Small Dog

    Having a Small Dog will Benefit your Child

    Even if it is just for petting around the house or walks through the park, there is without a doubt that dogs bring their owners (young and old) a lot of joy. But some great benefits of having a dog go effectively beyond the fact that they are cuddly and fun. So in case, you […] More

  • TheFarmersDog-Fresh-Food
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    The Farmer’s Dog – Fresh Food for Dogs – 2019 Review

    Tasty, healthy ingredients – The Farmer’s Dog Reminding your dog how much you care about him and his well-being is simple when you give him the straightforward goodness found in The Farmer’s Dog, for better, healthier dog food. An easy ”not to mention delicious” way to connect with your fur kids. This healthy dog food […] More

  • Dog Anemia


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    Dog Health Problems Symptoms – Dog Anemia

    Anemia Home Remedies Anemia in dogs: the overriding symptom of anemia is a weakness, exacerbated by the loss of appetite. Dogs tend to have pale gums; the color inside their ears may be pale, too, rather than pink. Because anemia is a generalized condition, it also exaggerates other symptoms: a lame dog, for example, will […] More

  • Dog Depression Treatment
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    Dogs And Treadmills – Dog Depression Treatment

    My Dog Seems Depressed! It is not uncommon for dogs to get depressed. They can become bored very easily and when they are bored for extended periods of time this can lead to dog depression. The more intelligent the dog, the more likely it is to get depressed as they need more stimulation in the […] More

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