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Best Winter Dog Clothes

Best Winter Dog Clothes

Looking to buy Winter Dog Clothes Online?

Winter is here and while the Huskies rejoice, fine-coated dogs huddle by the fire. But since pets need regular exercise, don’t let the frosty weather keep you cooped up indoors. Here are the best dog clothes online for your toy dog to make winter romps fun. cheap dog clothing

Best dog clothes online
Winter Dog Coats

RuffWear: Snowball fetch, anyone? RuffWear offers insulated soft-shell coats with foreleg sleeves for dogs who love to romp in the snow and a variety of durable performance fabrics for active dogs. RuffWear also makes insulated winter booties to keep your pup’s paws warm in snowy or icy conditions. RuffWear is made with pride in Oregon, where outdoor winter playtime is just as important as summer playtime!


Chilly Dogs: If anyone knows winter, it’s Canadians. Chilly Dogs outerwear is made in Canada and they even feature a winter coat called the Great White North that’s rated at -30 degrees C (not that we recommend you take your toy dog out in that weather… but if your dog tends to be on the chilly side, this coat will do the trick). And if you want a head/ear warmer for your pup… yep, Chilly Dogs has them!

Dover Saddlery: Dover Saddlery may be an equestrian’s go-to for horsey outerwear, but they have a great selection of insulated coats and rain sheets for dogs. Whether you just want to keep your pup warm or protect them from wet snow or freezing rain, you can find dog coats that come with belly wraps, insulation and even… a faux beaver fur-lined dress wool jacket for special occasions.

Hurtta Slush Combat Suit, Granite with Bolete Trim, 16 X-Small
42 Reviews
Hurtta Slush Combat Suit, Granite with Bolete Trim, 16 X-Small
  • NO TWO DOGS ARE THE SAME - Don’t guess on the size. Use the size chart along with the “Measuring Your Dog” size...
  • WEATHERPROOF - The fabric of the suit is laminated with a breathable and waterproof Houndtex membrane, great for rain...
  • ADJUSTABLE - With its adjustable waist band, collar and legs the Slush Combat Suit has the perfect fit
  • UNRESTRICTIVE – Due to its exact fit it is easy for the dog to run and play while wearing the suit
  • VISIBILITY - 3M reflector prints have been placed in highly visible areas, improving the dog’s visibility during walks...

Hurtta: If you want a winter coat with full legs for maximum protection, check out the Casual Quilted Overall and Hurtta’s selection of insulated and slip-resistant winter booties. Mmm… toasty! Hurtta originated in Finland – also known as the Frozen North – so they know their stuff! Best Winter dog coats.

Hurtta Extreme Warmer, Dog Winter Jacket, Granite, 24 in
278 Reviews
Hurtta Extreme Warmer, Dog Winter Jacket, Granite, 24 in
  • NO TWO DOGS ARE THE SAME - Don’t guess on the size. Use the size chart along with the “Measuring Your Dog” size...
  • HEAT REFLECTIVE - The unique foil lining material of the extreme warmer reflects the dog's Heat and thus stimulates its...
  • FUNCTIONAL - The jacket protects the most important muscle groups for the dog's Heat production as well as its neck and...
  • HOOD - Besides a high collar, the jacket has a warming tricot Hood that can be lifted to protect the dog's ears and head
  • ADJUSTABLE - With adjustable back Length, collar and waist, and a protective rear hem, this highly technical outfit is...

Foggy Mountain Dog Coats: “Extra Small” doesn’t always work if you have a hard-to-fit breed like a Dachshund, Frenchie or Whippet. Foggy Mountain makes breed-specific outerwear including an awesome nylon insulated turnout jacket that can withstand the worst weather.

Blue Willow Dog Coats: If you want handmade, here you go: Susan Couzin can make a winter coat to fit any dog, based not only on your pooch’s shape, but also the climate and activity you’ll be enjoying together.  best dog clothes

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots LARGE Red
1,539 Reviews
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots LARGE Red
  • Great traction for senior dogs or with hip conditions that have trouble with slippery floors.
  • Flexible, skid-resistant sole performs in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions.
  • Easy to put on with wide split seam top opening - difficult to slip off.
  • Velcro straps for secure closure, with generous foam to cushion the grip.
  • Measure paw width for best fit: Petite 1 ¼", X-Small 1 ¾", Small 2 ¼", Med 2 ¾", Large 3 ¼", X-Large 4" wide.

URBEST Dog Booties: Chihuahua-sized UGG-style booties? Yes! Cute and functional for frosty weather. They are not waterproof, but you can spray them with silicone to increase water repellency.

URBEST Brown Nonslip Rubber Sole Yorkie Dog Winter Shoes Boots 2 Pair (xs)
919 Reviews
URBEST Brown Nonslip Rubber Sole Yorkie Dog Winter Shoes Boots 2 Pair (xs)
  • Product Name : Dog Shoes; Size : XS (Size, 3)---XS fits dogs weighing about 4.4 to 7.7 Pound .
  • Sole Size : 5 x 4.2cm/2" x 1.6" (L*W);Fit Paw Size : 4 x 3.2cm/1.5" x 1.2'' (L*W).
  • Height : 5cm/ 2";Material : Plush, Rubber; Main Color : Brown;Net Weight : 55g.
  • Notice: Before making your purchase, please get proper measurements of your pet. Compare your results to the chart to...
  • Package Content : 2 Pair x Dog Shoes.

KONG Neoprene Booties: warm, high-top, waterproof, slip-resistant… what more can you ask for, from the company that makes that most delightful peanut-butter-fillable chew toy? Best Winter dog boots.

KONG High-Top Neoprene Boots for Dogs, Small, Red
65 Reviews
KONG High-Top Neoprene Boots for Dogs, Small, Red
  • KONG High-Top Neoprene Boots are tough footwear for tough climates
  • Durable neoprene fabric covers the ankles and paws
  • Thick rubber soles protect the paw pads from snow, cold, and rock salt
  • Straps with velcro closures allow for a snug, secure fit
  • Available in sizes to fit most breeds of dogs

Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot: I use these for my dogs. They work great in snow and rain. I also use them in the Summer for hot pavement.

Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot, Small, Up to 2-1/2-Inch
3,953 Reviews
Pawz Red Water-Proof Dog Boot, Small, Up to 2-1/2-Inch
  • All natural materials, made in the USA
  • Disposable, reusable, waterproof
  • Bends with paw and absolutely stays on
  • Protection from ice, snow, salt, lawn chemicals and hot surfaces
  • Assists with traction control and allergies

Now you’re out of reasons not to take your toy dog for a walk this winter 🙂 Let’s go outside and jump in a snow pile!?


Where do you buy your dog clothes online for the winter?


Written by Johannes


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  1. OMG I love the dog booties. I’ve never seen those before. And the doggy snowsuit is brilliant! I am glad I don’t have to walk my cat so I don’t have to wrestle her into some clothes…I can’t imagine she’d be compliant although I can say now for sure she’d look adorable in them.

    • I’d love to see a cat dressed up! I’m sure there are some people that do that (torture) their cats, ha ha. Thanks for the comment ?

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