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    Are you Ready for Dog Adoption?

    Bringing a furry friend into your home is a big step that demands ample responsibility. Dogs are smart, loyal, and adorable creatures, but need to be looked after like a child. Every now and then, you will have to clean up after their mess and tolerate tantrums. They shall undoubtedly bring love and joy into […] More

  • why mixed breed mutts
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    Why Mixed Breed Mutts are Awesome

    The percentage of dogs euthanized in asylums is medium to large mixed breed dogs. We think it’s an absurd figure since we all know that “mutt” as we like to say, is amazing! Here are the ten reasons why mixed breed dogs rule! 1: They are unique – the number one question people ask is […] More

  • Preparing for New Dog or Puppy
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    Preparing for New Dog or Puppy

    Preparing yourself and your household before, during, and after your pet comes home is an essential step to successfully integrating your new dog or puppy into its new environment. Give the new puppy or dog plenty of time to adjust; most experts recommend at least ten days. And, if possible, be sure to bring the […] More

  • adopting an older dog
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    Adopting an older dog

    Is Adopting an older dog in your future? Adopting an older dog may be a decision based on you or your family’s lifestyle. In fact, many senior citizens opt for this choice because a new, hyperactive and untrained puppy may be too much excitement and work to handle. Sometimes, an older dog has its advantages. […] More