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  • can dogs read minds
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    Now Trending – Can Dogs Read Minds?

    Juliane Kaminski, a cognitive psychologist quoted “We think that we are looking at a special adaptation in dogs to be sensitive to human forms of communication,” and a co-author at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology told Discovery News. So, can dogs read minds? “There is multiple evidence suggesting that selection pressures during domestication have […] More

  • bored dog
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    Tips to Breaking Your Canine’s Bad Behavior

    No canine is born with good behavior. They definitely don’t arrive in our houses naturally figuring out tips on how to co-exist with us in the human world. Subsequently, as dog dad and mom, it’s up to us to show our canines and puppies what is predicted of them and to guide them into making […] More

  • dog barking
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    Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Dog Barking?

    Problem Dog Barking – What to do when your dog’s barking is the Neighborhood Nuisance Puppies and dogs are social creatures. When they don’t get the attention they need, then a bark is their method of telling you something. It’s your job to figure out the reasons behind the dog barking and then ease the […] More

  • stop your dog from jumping on people

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    Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

    No matter how much we might enjoy our pet jumping up to greet us, there are many people who dislike having a strange dog coming up and jumping on them.  For many people, it can be a frightening experience as not everyone is a dog lover. Dog jumping. Besides that, many people just don’t want dirty […] More

  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs
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    Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    Is characterized by destructive behavior when the dog is left alone. This behavior can include barking, howling, destroying household items, digging, chewing and sometimes urination.  Some dogs will literally go into a panic and dig at a door or a window to try and escape and find their owner. Typically this is set off when […] More

  • Clicker Training by dogs
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    The Background and Use of Clicker Training for Dogs

    Clicker Training for Dogs and How Well it Works! Presently, and throughout the 1990s a phenomenon swept through the dog-lover’s community. It was called ‘Clicker Training,‘ and was implemented to teach dogs  (along with horses and cats) that certain behaviors would be awarded, while others were not. Ms. Karen Pryor, a former dolphin trainer and […] More

  • adopting an older dog
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    Adopting an older dog

    Is Adopting an older dog in your future? Adopting an older dog may be a decision based on you or your family’s lifestyle. In fact, many senior citizens opt for this choice because a new, hyperactive and untrained puppy may be too much excitement and work to handle. Sometimes, an older dog has its advantages. […] More

  • Positive Reinforcement for Dogs
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    Positive Reinforcement for Dogs

    The simplest way to approach dog training is to understand how dogs learn: from the consequences of his actions. He will learn whether his behavior results in something wanted or unwanted.  Positive reinforcement for dogs is really important. Most of the behaviors we expect from our dogs are unnatural for them, such as walking calmly […] More

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