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  • How a Dog Makes Me a Better Person

    How a Dog Makes Me a Better Person

    From driving out people to be more active, to reduce the risk of heart disease, to assist us in fighting depression, dogs, in a way, can help us live longer and happier lives. But as busy professionals, exactly what does dog ownership teach us? How can we benefit from such our unique lifestyle? Here are […] More

  • Vitamin Dogs – for a Better Life
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    Vitamin Dogs – for a Better Life

    If there is a new vitamin that would help us live longer, cure our anxiety, and lessen our chance of having heart ailments, for sure everyone would want it. But there is such a vitamin, it is called vitamin P, and the P stands for puppies. We all know that exercises such as yoga and […] More

  • What Your Child Gets from a Small Dog

    Having a Small Dog will Benefit your Child

    Even if it is just for petting around the house or walks through the park, there is without a doubt that dogs bring their owners (young and old) a lot of joy. But some great benefits of having a dog go effectively beyond the fact that they are cuddly and fun. So in case, you […] More

  • What You Get from Having a Service Dog

    What You Get from Having a Service Dog

    You will think that a dog is only good for walking, playing and petting, but you are wrong! There are dogs that can be trained to be able to help other people from their dilemma. These are called Service dogs. 1,965 Reviews Service Dog Vest With Hook and Loop Straps and Handle - Harness is [...]