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Learn All About The Boston Terrier – Dogs

Boston Terrier Facts   The Boston Terrier has been nicknamed, and justly so “the American Gentleman.” And has earned its nickname due to its wonderful, gentle disposition. Not to mention its tuxedo like coat. The Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds that is truly “made in America.” “American Kennel club rates the Boston Terrier as one of the most intelligent breeds”…     It is hard to believe that the gentle Boston Terrier that we […]

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Learn About Dog Rescues Before Adoption and Small Dog Adoptions

Small Dog Adoptions

Dog Rescues   When it comes to choosing a breed many people have a desire for a certain breed – a Labrador, German Shepherd, Spaniel or whatever. But when it comes down to brass tacks, the economies of the situation, we can not always afford the price of a purebred puppy. Life and family get in the way, competing for the finances. This is where Dog Rescues can step in and fill a need.     Dog […]

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The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs – Small Dog Category

What Are The Best Hypoallergenic Dogs?   If you’ve ever had a “German Shedder” or been in the dubiously delightful position of being able to knit a whole new dog out of the fur you’ve just brushed out of your Lab, you may be dreaming of the best non-shedding family dogs.   If a family member (whom you like) can’t visit because of a dog allergy, you may be considering a hypoallergenic dog.   If you don’t […]

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Smart Dog, Dumb Dog – Can You Really Tell?

Lots of people will insist that their border collie is the next Einstein or give you a helpless shrug because their Pekingese is sweet and lovable, but as dumb as a cotton ball. But is that fair? Is one truly smart and the other dumb?   Smart Dog, Dumb Dog?   I’m not going to present a list of the smartest or dumbest dog breeds. That’s not fair because all pure breeds have been created by man […]

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What Dog Breed is Right For Me: A Toy or Small Dog

Which Toy or Small Dog Breed Is Right For You?   There’s a perfect breed for everyone. If you’re looking for a diminutive furry friend, here’s a list of small dogs that may be what you’re looking for. We have included dogs from the toy, terrier, and non-sporting categories (as defined by the American Kennel Club).   What Dog Breed is Right For Me?   Small dogs (less than about 15 lbs) aren’t just celebrity purse dogs […]

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The Toy Rat Terrier Dog Breed

Hypoallergenic: No Life span: 13 – 18 years Height: 8.5 – 11 in. (At Shoulder) Origin: United States of America Temperament: Loyal, Playful, Intelligent, Friendly, Spirited, Alert Colors: Varies; every color you can imagine   Here is information on the (mini) or Toy Rat Terrier Dog Breed     Toy Rat Terriers are active and inquisitive hunters. They are intelligent, easy to train, need attention and understanding and will reward their owners with love and affection.   […]

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