A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Dog for Life

Thinking of getting a Dog for Christmas?

From a family that runs an animal sanctuary in California:



Even though they love what they do, they feel that some people need to realise that a pet should be a long term commitment. They should not be seen as just a bit of fun which they can then get rid of when they get bored.


A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas

Many people arrive at the animal sanctuary with their pets, which are mainly dogs, with many excuses as to why they are no longer able to look after or care for them. I am sure many of their reasons are valid but am also aware that many others are just an excuse to offload them.


The excuses they give are varied:

I have recently divorced from my spouse and can no longer afford to keep this dog as a pet.

The dog has started to bite my children.

The dog is too difficult to handle and is destroying my furniture.

We have recently moved into a rental. One of their rules is that no animals can live in these homes.

The dog barks too much and it is upsetting the neighbors.

Our other animals do not like the dog.

The dog is affecting my health.

I am too ill to look after my dog.

It is not our role to question these reasons but what we then need to do is to find another suitable home for the dogs. This is easier said than done as we need to ensure that the new owners will be able to care for them, for hopefully the duration of their life.


We also keep many of the dogs as our own pets, especially the ones which nobody else seems to want. One such dog is named Coco. She is full of life and has been ill treated, it seems, when she was a puppy. Half of her left ear is missing and she is seemingly quite afraid of men.


Coco is in need of a huge amount of care and attention. She can be too lively at times which is possibly why three people who attempted to re-home her, have brought her back. She is not aggressive in any way but does tend to jump up at people.

What we did with Coco and what we will continue to do, is to give her lots of love, but also a little bit of dog training of what is good and what is not acceptable. It takes a long time, but she is now able to understand that the jumping is not wanted and that she needs to chill out at times.


Coco is turning into a wonderful dog to have around the house and now feels for the first time as part of a family.

With a little more patience most other dogs can turn out this way. This is why we want more people to take more responsibility and to give their animals more of a chance to settle into their homes and to get used to a new set of rules.


Having animals as pets can be very rewarding, nearly as rewarding as having a child. A dog however, will not talk back.


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If you are having problems with your dog you can always phone up animal sanctuaries or rescues for advice and to hear about possible solutions. The people who work there are animal lovers and will help you as much as they can.

If you are unable to continue looking after the dog, the sanctuary or rescue should be able to take them for you.



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