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Top Coconut Oil Health Benefits For Dogs

Here Are Some Top Coconut Oil Health Benefits For Dogs   Coconut Oil has many health benefits. It is a delicious and multi-purpose staple in any health-conscious household. You may be using it yourself to moisturize your skin, as a heat-tolerant cooking oil, as homemade toothpaste, as hair conditioner or even as a weight-loss supplement.     So can you use coconut oil on your dog?   Yes!   Coconut Oil Health Benefits – The Good Stuff   […]

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Best Winter Dog Clothes Online for 2018

Buy dog coats online

Looking to buy Winter Dog Clothes Online? Go Outside and Play… In the Snow!    Winter is here and while the Huskies rejoice, fine-coated dogs huddle by the fire. But since pets need regular exercise, don’t let the frosty weather keep you cooped up indoors. Here are the best dog clothes online for your toy dog to make winter romps fun. cheap dog clothing   RuffWear: Snowball fetch, anyone? RuffWear offers insulated soft-shell coats with foreleg sleeves for […]

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Ear Infections and Hot Spots – Remedy for Dogs

ear infection remedy

Dog Ear Infections and Hot Spots Does your dog get a lot of ear infections or hot spots?  This can be very painful for your beloved pooch.  From red, raw skin to bumps and oozing sores.   Anything that irritates the skin and causes a dog to scratch or lick himself can start a hot spot. Hot spots can be caused by allergic reactions, insect, mite or flea bites, poor grooming, underlying ear or skin infections and constant licking and chewing prompted […]

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Dog Paw Treatment – Musher’s Secret Review

Natural paw treatment

Today’s article will be about healthy dog paws and a great dog paw treatment. Musher’s Secret  If you have a dog you need to know about Musher’s Secret. It’s a great dog paw treatment. This stuff is the best! Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean we stop walking our dogs. The salt on the roads and sidewalks can irritate their paws though. We put Musher’s Secret on and off we go for our walks […]

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