When To Use A Dog Seat Cover Or A Dog Carrier For Your Car

Dog Carrier

Dog Seat Cover or Dog Carrier?


As a dog owner, you want to bring your dog with you for a drive, but you are concerned about your leather car seat being scratched or dirtied. You can either get a dog seat cover for your car or a dog carrier for your dog. But which is better?


There are a wide variety of dog carriers and dog seat covers available on the market. It can be a headache when you do not know which is more suitable for your dog and your car.


So, how do you decide which is more suitable for your dog and your car – a dog carrier or a dog seat cover?



The answer will depend on the size of your dog and how you will like to travel with your dog.


Dog Seat Cover


For big dogs like Collies, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, it’s not possible to fit them in those carriers. Usually, these big dogs are put at the back seat of the car. Thus, a dog seat cover for your car’s back seat is more suitable for your dog. A dog seat cover can protect your dog from falling off the car seat when you stop at the traffic lights. At the same time, the dog seat cover helps to keep your car clean from mud, dirt or grass or even your dog hair. Your leather car seat is also protected from scratches by your dog’s sharp paws.


Dog Carrier


For smaller dogs like Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and other toy dogs, they are best transported using dog carriers. As they are quite small, it is safer for them in the carrier than leaving them on the back seat, even if you use dog seat covers. A dog carrier has big enough space for the smaller dogs to move around and it is big and heavy enough to stay still on the seat and not slide around.


Nowadays, dog carriers are fashionable items. But please bear in mind that functionality and comfort for your dog must come first before anything else. The dog owner must be comfortable carrying the dog carrier and the dog must be able to stretch inside comfortably. If you use a dog carrier, here’s a simple tip for you: Put a soft blanket or your dog’s favorite toy in the carrier. This will make it more comfortable for your dog, and it’ll also help to keep your dog more calm and relaxed throughout the car journey.


Just follow these simple guidelines and you’ll have no problems choosing between the right car seat cover or dog carrier for your car and your dog.


Here are my top picks:


Soft Dog Carriers & Soft Dog Crates


Soft dog carriers, and soft dog crates are a great way to transport your small dog.  A soft sided dog crate will give your dog a sense of comfort and home. Soft sided dog carriers allow the dog to feel comfortable when they brush or lean against the wall.  


Fabric carriers allow for you and your pet to be more comfortable.  Fabric carriers can be used on small dogs and on cats. A fabric dog carrier can be as unique as you are, and match what style you have.  A fabric dog carrier may also be a designer dog carrier, as many companies now cater to pet owners.


A dog purse or a carrier bag for small dogs is a great way to tote your dog with you, and not have to worry about the awkwardness of a hard dog carrier.  A dog purse or a dog tote can also be unique. Soft dog carriers will make carrying your small dog or cat easy.


When looking for a soft dog carrier, you need to keep in mind that the size of your dog does matter, especially if you are looking at a carrier bag.  You also have to keep in mind how heavy your dog is. If you have a small dog, but it is a heavy dog, then make sure that your soft dog crate or soft sided dog carrier has a secure bottom so that your dog receives the support that it needs.  Keep in mind these great questions about dog crates.

What ever you decide is the best method for toting your dog and carrying your dog, be sure that you train your dog on how to use the soft dog crate.


Dog Carriers: There’s One That Works for You!

If you travel with your pet, you need a dog carrier. But which kind should you get? Carriers come in all different sizes. Some are rigid, and some are soft and pliable. The type of dog carrier you buy should depend on the size of your pet and the kind of traveling you do.

Travel by Car

If you travel by car, either a hard plastic or wire crate will do. Some wire crates fold down for storage and portability, which comes in extremely handy if your situation requires that you move the crate in and out of your vehicle. What size should the dog crate be? Well, take a good look at your dog! The crate should be large enough so that the dog can stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably, but not so large that the dog slips around during travel.


Travel by Airplane

When choosing a dog carrier for airplane travel, you’ll have to take airline size restrictions into consideration.

Better safe than sorry! You don’t want to arrive at the airport only to find out that your carrier doesn’t heed the restrictions. It’s safe to check with the ticketing agent ahead of time regarding dog carrier size limits, but keep in mind that these rules usually refer to hard-sided dog carriers. Smaller dogs can be carried in soft-sided dog carriers like Sherpa Bags and the Pet Rolling Crate. Carriers such as these are approved for in-cabin use and can be stowed under the airplane seat.


Make sure the carrier has an absorbent liner. Some models are equipped with them. With others, an old towel or blanket should do the trick.


If you are still not sure which size and type of pet carrier to pick, check online retailers for manufacturer’s guidelines. They can help you select the right size and type for your dog.


Comfort Counts

Remember, you are going to be the one toting the carrier around, so make sure it fits you well! The carrier should be light enough for you to manage over the distance you plan on carrying it, and should be carried comfortably. It’s always a good idea to test a carrier before you buy it; make sure the shoulder straps are the right length and there is sufficient padding where it meets your shoulder.

Just for Fun

Once you have the important stuff in order, you can have lots of fun with styles, colors, materials and patterns. Soft dog carriers come in a variety of materials including canvas, nylon, denim and synthetic leather. You can find them in all kinds of styles, from practical to precious, and in just about every color possible. Designer carriers often mimic the styles popular in handbag fashions, so it’s not hard to find one that suits your style.


With the right dog carrier, traveling with your dog is a breeze!

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    Thank you for the great advice. I’m taking my dog on a plane soon and will need a dog travel carrier. I’m going to check out your recommendations. She’s only 10 pounds so hopefully she’ll be good.

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