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Dog Crates that look like Furniture 2019 Review

Dog crates that look like furniture

Have you been thinking about Buying Dog Crates that look like furniture?   Dog crates are a popular necessity, but let’s face it, most of them are not visually appealing.  You can now buy beautifully designed, furniture-style dog crates for your home.  I personally like the .   There are many benefits to having your companion dog crate trained, and if you have the luxury of space for one in your home, they are highly recommended as […]

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Best Winter Dog Clothes Online for 2018

Buy dog coats online

Looking to buy Winter Dog Clothes Online? Go Outside and Play… In the Snow!    Winter is here and while the Huskies rejoice, fine-coated dogs huddle by the fire. But since pets need regular exercise, don’t let the frosty weather keep you cooped up indoors. Here are the best dog clothes online for your toy dog to make winter romps fun. cheap dog clothing   RuffWear: Snowball fetch, anyone? RuffWear offers insulated soft-shell coats with foreleg sleeves for […]

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Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas – For Small Dogs

Winter is on its way and it is starting to get cold outside.  Who wants to take their small dog for a walk in freezing weather?  Plus, with the time change, it gets dark before you get home from work.  No one wants to go for a walk when it’s cold AND dark outside. Your Small Dog Needs Exercise It is very important to exercise your small dog on a daily basis.  It helps with their overall […]

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