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When To Use A Dog Seat Cover Or A Dog Carrier For Your Car

Dog Carrier

Dog Seat Cover or Dog Carrier?   As a dog owner, you want to bring your dog with you for a drive, but you are concerned about your leather car seat being scratched or dirtied. You can either get a dog seat cover for your car or a dog carrier for your dog. But which is better?   There are a wide variety of dog carriers and dog seat covers available on the market. It can be […]

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Top Places To Travel With Your Dog in 2018

Taking your best friend on an adventure of a lifetime makes memories neither of you will ever forget. This year, throw the ball outside the boundaries of the local dog park, and explore the top places to travel with your dog in 2018.     Urban Adventures   It might surprise you how many US cities are dog-friendly.   Austin, TX: Few cities are more dog-friendly than the lively Texas town of Austin. Live music and dog-friendly […]

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Top 13 Tips on How to Travel With a Dog

Traveling With Your Toy Dog   It’s so hard to leave your fur-babies when you go on vacation, whether you kennel them, take them to a friend’s, or have a house sitter. If you’re anything like me, you feel guilty at leaving them (even if it is a lovely break from pet care).  Here are my Top 13 Tips on How to Travel with a Dog.     How to Travel With a Dog   Some vacations […]

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