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Is Dog Obedience School For You?

dog obedience school

Are you thinking about Dog Obedience School?   Do you know what to expect out of it? Do you know what it costs or where to find a good dog obedience school?   If not, let me help take out some of the mystery of finding one to make sure you and your dog get the best experience you can.     If you have searched the web in this topic, you probably found some sites that […]

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Crate Training – The Best Way to House Train Your Puppy Or Dog

Crate Training

What You Ought to Know About Crate Training – One Of The Most Effective Ways Of House Training Your Puppy Or Dog   Crate training is without doubt one of the simplest methods of house training your puppy or dog.  Crate training is very efficient because it makes use of the pure instinct of the canine to attain the specified results of a clean home and a properly-trained canine.                   […]

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Interactive iFetch Ball Launcher for Small Dogs – 2018 Review

iFetch for dogs

Does The iFetch Ball Launcher Actually Work?   Product: iFetch Ball Launcher Cheapest Place to Buy:   My opinion? – YES, and my ball-obsessed Terrier LOVES it!   I bought the iFetch Ball Launcher for my Toy Rat Terrier to interact and play with. It stimulates her mind and keeps her active. iFetch, in my opinion, it is a great product and keeps my dog entertained for long periods on a daily basis. It is also great […]

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The Single Best Strategy To Use For Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs   Is characterized by destructive behavior when the dog is left alone. This behavior can include barking, howling, destroying household items, digging, chewing and sometimes urination.  Some dogs will literally go into a panic and dig at a door or a window to try and escape and find their owner.     Typically this is set off when the owner goes to leave the dog at home and can even start when the […]

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The Background and Use of Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker Training for Dogs and How Well it Works!   Presently, and throughout the 1990s a phenomena swept through the dog-lover’s community. It was called ‘Clicker Training,‘ and was implemented to teach dogs  (along with horses and cats) that certain behaviors would be awarded, while others were not. Ms. Karen Pryor, a former dolphin trainer and author, along with a team of ‘Operant Trainers’ started giving presentations at dog shows. They displayed how the small plastic device […]

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Adopting an older dog; Newer doesn’t always mean better

Is Adopting an older dog in your future?   Adopting an older dog may be a decision based on you or your family’s lifestyle. In fact, many senior citizens opt for this choice because a new, hyperactive and untrained puppy may be too much excitement and work to handle.     Sometimes, an older dog has its advantages. It may be more settled, already house trained, leash trained, and maybe even spayed or neutered.     With […]

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Which Herbs Can I Feed My Dog? – Herbs for Dogs

Which Herbs Can I Feed My Dog?   Herbs make food taste more delicious. They have been used for millennia as medicine. They smell great. They add personality to a garden. And, you can give them to your dog with some wonderful health benefits. In fact, the holistic benefits of herbs make them a worthwhile addition to their diets.  Herbs for dogs.     Herbs for Dogs – Herbs That Are Safe For Dogs   Here are […]

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Dogs Sense Smell: A Dog’s-Nose View Of Life

Dogs Sense Smell vs Human   A dog’s nose knows.   Most humans experience the world primarily through vision but for a dog, the world is a Smell-O-Rama the extent of which we can’t even imagine. When your dog starts barking at something you can’t see or hear, don’t call your dog crazy. When your dog “obsesses” about a blade of grass, he’s not just smelling who walked by or peed there last; he’s picking up information […]

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Understanding Dog Language, Dog Communication

Understanding Dog Language, How Dogs Communicate   Oh, if only our dogs could talk! Well, maybe not… maybe they would say something we don’t want to hear! But if you’re wondering what your dog is trying to communicate, it pays to learn to read your dog’s body language. Understanding dog language can help.     Most of a dog’s communication is through body language with a bit of vocalization. Some signals are obvious, and some subtle.   […]

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How to Stop Dog Whining – 10 Reasons Your Dog Whines

Dogs Never Whine “For No Reason”   I have a friend whose rescue dog whines constantly. The dog will come in from outside, stare at my friend, and whine. Until my friend was able to understand why her dog was whining, it drove her crazy!     As you might suspect, whining is an escalated communication of a need. Here’s what your dog may be trying to tell you when other attempts at communication have failed, or […]

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