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Ear Infections and Hot Spots – 2019 Remedy for Dogs

ear infection remedy

Dog Ear Infections and Hot Spots   Does your dog get a lot of ear infections or hot spots?  This can be very painful for your beloved pooch.  From red, raw skin to bumps and oozing sores.   Anything that irritates the skin and causes a dog to scratch or lick himself can start a hot spot. Hot spots can be caused by allergic reactions, insect, mite or flea bites, poor grooming, underlying ear or skin infections and constant licking and chewing […]

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Dog Health Problems Symptoms – Dog Anemia

Dog Anemia

Anemia Home Remedies   Anemia in dogs: the overriding symptom of anemia is weakness, exacerbated by loss of appetite. Dogs tend to have pale gums; the color inside their ears may be pale, too, rather than pink. Because anemia is a generalized condition, it also exaggerates other symptoms: a lame dog, for example, will appear lamer if he becomes anemic.   Dog Anemia occurs, in essence, when the body’s red blood cell count drops. Since iron is […]

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How to Treat Dog Fleas – With Natural Products

Treat Dog Fleas

Simple Facts about Dog Fleas:   Dog Fleas are probably the most successful creatures on the planet in terms of reproduction. There are over 2,400 species and they are difficult to control for a variety of reasons. One female flea will produce 25,000 offspring in one month. An unfed adult can live for several months. The chemicals used to eradicate adult dog fleas have no effect on the eggs. Dog Fleas are very good at mutating to […]

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Identifying and Controlling Your Doggy’s Allergies

Puppy or Dog Allergies   Similar to their owners, dogs and puppies can suffer from allergy symptoms too.   A few of these allergic reactions may be associated to the meals that they eat where a number of the cheaper manufacturers of pet food have coloring and preservatives that may trigger allergic reactions.   If that is so, then it’s important to eliminate  these meals which have the ingredients that trigger the reactions.   This isn’t always simple because […]

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What To Do If Your Dog Gets Chewing Lice or Sucking Lice

If your dog is scratching all the time, shows signs of restlessness or fur loss… your dog may have chewing lice or sucking lice.     Ewwwww! Luckily it’s relatively easy to get rid of chewing lice or sucking lice, but there are some things you need to know.   What Are Chewing Lice and Sucking Lice?   Lice (singular, louse, but you’ll never find just one) are tiny, flightless insects that live in hair, fur or […]

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Top Coconut Oil Health Benefits For Dogs

Here Are Some Top Coconut Oil Health Benefits For Dogs   Coconut Oil has many health benefits. It is a delicious and multi-purpose staple in any health-conscious household. You may be using it yourself to moisturize your skin, as a heat-tolerant cooking oil, as homemade toothpaste, as hair conditioner or even as a weight-loss supplement.     So can you use coconut oil on your dog?   Yes!   Coconut Oil Health Benefits – The Good Stuff   […]

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