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To all of my dear followers and readers – the Humane Society REALLY needs your help due to the wildfires here in California. Think about all of the burned, injured and displaced pets.


I used to live in Paradise, California. The whole town is gone! My heart weeps for all of the pets and everyone that is lost and has lost their home and business. It’s just catastrophic and heartbreaking!


Can you PLEASE just give $5? It will really make a difference for these poor pets.


‘I’m going to cry.’ Desperate evacuees seek pets lost in Camp Fire chaos


Read about it: Sacramento Bee




I’m doing something special to create big change for animals! The welfare of animals is important to me, and I want to do my part to protect them from cruelty.


I am raising money for The Humane Society of the United States and I’m hoping to raise $100 for animals. Your support would mean a lot to me. Please consider making a donation to my fundraising campaign?


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Your donation enables The HSUS to shut down puppy mills, save animals from natural and man-made emergencies, end the barbaric Canadian seal slaughter, fight inhumane farming practices, stop dogfighting, and so much more.


Every little bit helps, so please give what you can we’ll be saving animals’ lives together!


Thank you for your support!  Donate Now »



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