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Improve Your Dog’s Health – Natural Dog Health Care

Homeopathy for Dogs

Natural Dog Health Care

Everyone who has a dog and who is conscientious about their own health will clearly see the benefits of providing a similar lifestyle for their pet. Natural dog health care not only means finding a good place for your dog to live, but also providing for his health.

Commit yourself to your dog’s health by giving your dog the best in natural dog health care. As with humans, natural health care for dogs is often an advantageous alternative to chemical treatment.

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If you want your dog to have the benefit of providing you with the companionship and entertainment that you need, then you really should make that effort to take care of his needs.

Natural dog health focuses on taking care of your dog’s needs by using the best natural products you can find. Your dog has special needs and you must ensure that these needs are met on a regular basis if you want to see your dog live a long and healthy life.

Natural dog health care is also about purchasing the natural products that will best benefit your dog. A healthy dog is a happy dog; and when you take out your fur friend to play, everyone you encounter will see exactly how much love and dedication you have by giving your dog the best treatment and lifestyle possible.

The shiny coat and healthy look will be all the evidence they need. You will also be doing the best for yourself by adapting the natural dog care lifestyle since you will have your fur friend around for a long time.

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His immune system will be strong and he will enjoy partaking in the games that you will play. Natural dog health is also about changing your lifestyle so that you can be able to incorporate it in the way that you take care of your dog.

The Benefits of Bovine Colostrum for Dogs [Review]

That means that you too should consider making natural health care a part of your life. This could mean purchasing products that are natural and therefore good for you and your health. By combining both methods, both you and your dog can live a happy and healthy life.

Globuli for dogs

Homeopathy for Dogs

A growing number of veterinarians in the United States are turning to homeopathy for dogs to treat chronic diseases to allergic reactions to cancer. They are discovering the effective, gentle, non-toxic way that Homeopathy for dogs cures an animal’s illness.  The benefits are touted for humans, so why not pets as well?

The use and acceptance of homeopathy in veterinary medicine have fairly paralleled that of physicians.  Homeopathy for dogs is a safe and effective alternative to conventional veterinary medicine.  The mechanism by which these doses are said to work is complex and much of the evidence is sketchy, but the use of herbs is easy to understand and the evidence of usefulness is more readily available.

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Homeopathy for dogs differs from conventional medicine in many ways. The practitioner takes into account the entire picture and a prescription is not based on a diagnosis. Instead, the prescription will be based on the specifics of the case.

For example: A dog may show signs of anorexia (loss of appetite) without thirst and has an irritable personality as well as diarrhea.  The second dog may not have an appetite, be very thirsty, seem lethargic and have episodes of vomiting. A conventional veterinarian might treat both dogs much the same way.  However, based on the two different cases presented, the homeopathy would prescribe two different remedies.

Homeopathy for Dogs
Homeopathy for Dogs

Homeopathy for dogs may be used to treat personality disorders such as travel anxiety, aggressive behavior, fear, and separation anxiety. While conventional medicine only suppresses the behavior, which returns when the drugs are stopped, a homeopathic remedy can achieve a cure.

One veterinarian experienced this with his own dog when the animal’s fear of thunderstorms was cured. Acupuncture and acupressure are also used to enhance the body’s own healing energies to provide relief and restore the dog to balanced health.

The goal of homeopathy for dogs is a slower, gentler treatment, achieving the highest level of health for the canine companion. Optimal nutrition is a great aid in this process. Never treat your dog without first consulting a veterinarian trained in homeopathy to correctly select the appropriate remedy for your dog.

Dogs: Homoeopathic Remedies
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If you’ve started a remedy and not getting a response from your dog, you can then start another remedy. There is no worry of overdosing or side effects as with conventional medicine.

Homeopathy for dogs has helped many pets (including mine), but as with any new product, you should monitor your pet. Homeopathic remedies should never be handled directly as this may reduce their effectiveness. The remedy should be given to the dog on a clean palate, at least 15-30 minutes before or after eating or drinking.

Dogs Health Care

It goes without saying that your dog needs suitable nutrition to remain healthy. Vets and pet food manufacturers often have differing views on appropriate nutrition for your dog. Although commercial pet food manufacturers are motivated in large part by profits, commercially prepared foods are routinely recommended as part of an adequate or good diet for your dog. Sometimes your vet or dog breeder may approve of commercially prepared foods as your dog’s sole diet. Many experts, however, tend to prefer a largely natural diet which for dogs is invariably comprised of meat and bones. Raw is preferable to cook, as some of the minerals are definitely lost in the cooking process.

What is the Raw Food Diet for Dogs?

The reason why the commercially prepared pet food is so often fed to our dogs is because, apart from the convenience, it can (depending upon the quality) actually contain many of the nutrients which are essential to your dog’s wellbeing. The keyword here is quality. There are in fact very, very few commercial manufacturers which produce nutrient-rich food. And they’re not the brands you find in your supermarket or even in most pet stores or veterinarian offices.

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Raw, meaty bones with a little fruit and vegetables, and perhaps the odd quality food scrap from your table, will generally contain most of the nutrients which your dog needs. READ: Best Food for a Dog – People Food For Toy Dogs?

All dogs must obtain reasonable nutrition from their food to maintain excellent health and performance. The main nutrients required by your dog are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Vitamin or mineral deficiency in dogs fed a commercially manufactured diet today is not widely publicized. But then again, the slosh and dried formula which is readily available from your vet or the local supermarket is not your dog’s natural diet. If your dog was left to fend for itself in the wild (assuming it could manage to adapt), it would choose raw meat. And one of the reasons why meat, and especially bones are so good, is the chewing action and the teeth cleaning function which the bones perform. Of course, there are also commercially prepared substitutes that can also effectively clean your dog’s teeth and satisfy his/her need to chew. READ: Stop Unwanted Chewing

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A lesser-known fact is that to feed your dog only meat (with no bones and no other vitamins and minerals) can cause severe deficiencies: your dog is likely to become lethargic, sick, and even death has been known to occur from an all-meat diet. But what about dogs in the wild, I hear you ask? Isn’t meat a dog’s natural diet?  Well, yes and no: in the wild dogs eat the whole of their prey, not simply muscle meat – they thus obtain vegetable matter from the digestive tract of their prey and calcium from the bones. As well, wild dogs occasionally, but routinely, add to their diet with plants, fruit, and berries.

Most dogs relish some raw fruit and vegetables in their diet, so long as that’s what they’re used to. A dog who has been fed commercially prepared dog food all of its life won’t be used to the taste of fresh food, so may well turn up his/her nose if you introduce such healthy food later in life. But persevere – try hand-feeding pieces of carrot or apple, to begin with. And if your dog is still very young, all the better. Start to feed your pup some raw fruit and vegetables from time to time. Your dog’s health will benefit!

Raw dog food vs kibble
Raw dog food vs kibble

Natural Dog Health Care: Giving Man’s Best Friend A Longer Life

It is important to give your dog the best life you can possibly provide. That includes taking care of all her needs. Having a pet is not so different from having a child. Your dog depends on and trusts you to ensure that all its needs are taken care of. This means making sure it gets regular checkups at your holistic vet or regular vet. That is the unwritten contract you sign when you have a pet.

Just like your body, your dog’s body has special needs–and you need to find out how best to meet them if you want to improve your pet’s quality of life.

dog health

Choosing natural dog health care means that you have taken a proactive decision to do the best you can for your dog. It also means that you will dedicate yourself to this decision. Natural dog care also means that you provide the best natural pet products for your dog. This will ensure that your dog stays healthy and enjoys a long life.

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Natural dog health care also means that you need to know your dog’s needs. Because just like us humans, your dog has its own unique needs that can only be met by the right products. You need to know that your dog is counting on you to know what is right for it. That is when natural dog health care can be of benefit to you and your dog. You will easily meet your dog’s daily demands and it will be of no effort at all.

You have to be sure that the products you purchase for your dog are not working against your dog’s immune system, but with it to ensure that your dog is getting healthy and strong. By knowing what to get, you will be able to make the right decision.

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Talk to your vet about natural dog health care and ask them if they can advise you on what the best products are that will ensure you that you are giving your dog the best natural care possible. I highly recommend searching for a homeopathic or holistic, all-natural vet in your area. They specialize in Homeopathy among other all-natural treatments and remedies.

Yours in fur kid health and happiness! Please share your comments or questions below.

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