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Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas – For Small Dogs

Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas

Winter is on its way and it is starting to get cold outside. Who wants to take their small dog for a walk in freezing weather? Plus, with the time change, it gets dark before you get home from work.  No one wants to go for a walk when it’s cold AND dark outside.

Your Small Dog Needs Exercise

It is very important to exercise your small dog on a daily basis. It helps with their overall health.  From doggy depression, anxiety and boredom to muscle strength, endurance and focus. These are just a few dog health issues that exercise can help with. If your small dog is acting out or having behavior issues, it’s most likely, they are not getting enough exercise or it could be an internal health problem.

dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill
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dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill
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  • COMPUTER FITNESS PROGRAMS:The included pet treadmill computer comes with multiple pre-set dog fitness and exercise...
  • SMALL-MEDIUM: This dogPACER Minipacer doggie home exercise equipment treadmill has a running area of 38"L x 16"W.

There are many dog exercise ideas for your pooch while being indoors so you both don’t need to go out in the cold.  These also work for Summer months when it’s too hot out and you don’t want your dog to get sore paws walking on the hot pavement.

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Here are some Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas

  • Have them run up and downstairs if you have them.
  • Play fetch. One of my dogs will play fetch for a really long time. I have a long hallway to throw the ball down.
The Little Dog's Balls, Dog Tennis Balls, 6-Pack Yellow Dog Toy, Premium Strong Dog & Puppy Ball for Training, Play, Exercise and Fetch
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The Little Dog's Balls, Dog Tennis Balls, 6-Pack Yellow Dog Toy, Premium Strong Dog & Puppy Ball for Training, Play, Exercise and Fetch
  • Small 6-pack yellow. Premium quality bouncy dog tennis balls for retrieval games produced specifically for dogs using...
  • High visibility balls in bright colors so balls are easier to find when playing in the park and other green areas
  • Tested and certified to be non-toxic and safe to be carried in a dog’s mouth. Both the ball sphere and the glue are...
  • Non-abrasive felt won’t wear down your dog’s teeth and is easy to clean
  • A fun addition to your dog’s exercise plan with the added benefit of satisfying their prey drive in a healthy way
  • Buy your dog an iFetch machine (I’m thinking about buying one of these for my ball-obsessed dog. It would occupy her for hours!)
iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs – Launches Standard Tennis Balls, Large
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iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs – Launches Standard Tennis Balls, Large
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  • THE BIG DOG: This is our large automatic ball thrower. Launches a standard sized tennis ball 10, 25, or 40 feet all with...
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: No batteries needed here… ever! Runs on a built-in, rechargeable battery, so just charge and go.
  • STANDARD TENNIS BALLS: Comes with 3 non-abrasive, standard sized tennis balls, about 2.5” diameter. Use other similar...
  • SAFETY: Lock the distance setting to 10 feet with a slide of a button. Makes it a cinch to use indoors or outdoors with...
  • Play Hide-n-Seek. Hide a toy, treat, ball or something they really like around the house.
Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy - Hide and Seek Activity for Dogs
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Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy - Hide and Seek Activity for Dogs
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  • CUTE ANIMAL PLUSH: This dog puzzle game comes with squirrels with hidden squeakers your dog won’t be able to resist!
  • CHALLENGING PUZZLE: An attached trunk top makes it trickier for your dog to remove the plush stuffed toys from their...
  • BOREDOM BUSTER: Bored dogs can become chewers – however indestructible your home. This hide and seek game challenges...
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY: This plush squeaky dog toy puzzle is also ideal for interactive dog games with you – get your pet to...
  • Buy your small dog a Flirt Stick. My dogs love this and will play until they wear themselves out.

DogTread Premium Small Dog Treadmill
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DogTread Premium Small Dog Treadmill
  • LCD Console – Program Speed, Distance and Time for each workout. Red Safety Start and Stop is easy to identify....
  • Recessed Treat Holder – Provides a convenient way to dispense and hold treats during the initial stages of training....
  • Sturdy, Attractive Dog-Friendly Design – The DogTread is equipped with a whisper-quiet motor and is free of any holes,...
  • Natural Running Platform & Manual Incline Options – Low training fence provides a more comfortable and positive...
  • Space-saving Portable Design – Securely rests on its nose for convenient storage. Transportation wheels makes it easy...

I saved the best for last. Buy your dog a small dog treadmill. Best purchase I’ve ever made for my dogs. It will free up your time to get other things done while they get their exercise. It’s super convenient and can be used anytime, day or night. It helps nervous dogs and dogs with anxiety.  They calm right down after getting off this small dog treadmill.

On occasion, I’ll use it before bedtime so they get a great night of sleep.  When you buy a dog treadmill, look for reviews to decide which one works best for your dog.  Some collapse or fold for easy storage.  The small dog treadmills don’t take up much room so you can leave it out all the time.  My dogs look forward to running and walking on it.

GOPET Treadwheel ToySmall (
14 Reviews
GOPET Treadwheel ToySmall (<25lbs)
  • For Dogs up to 25 pounds. Running Area: 40 D X12 W. Easy to clean. GoPet TreadWheels give your dogthe equipment he needs...
  • Training Door Included. Running Surface Mat for added comfort. Many dogs will use the treadwheel to relieveboredom and...
  • Free,off-leash exercise so your dog can run at his ownnatural pace.
  • Can be used anytime - even if your dog is home alone. Safe and Stable.
  • Provides a physical outlet for high energy dogs. Mildew resistant.
SHELANDY Pet Treadmill | Smart and Motorized Treadmill for Small & Medium Dogs
2 Reviews
SHELANDY Pet Treadmill | Smart and Motorized Treadmill for Small & Medium Dogs
  • This item can be used for dogs that up to 25" in length (not include the tail)
  • Running area size: 40" L by 17" W
  • Running speed - 0.5 to 7.5 MPH / ncline: 5 - 9 Degrees
  • Motor Power: 3/4HP / Amps: 4.5 / Voltage: 110-120 only
  • Safety system: Automatically switch off every 30mins work

These are my Indoor Dog Exercise Ideas – For Small Dogs

What are your indoor exercise ideas and what works best for your small dog?  Please leave your ideas and comments below!


Written by Johannes


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  1. OK…there’s a treadmill for dogs! Gosh, I gotta keep up with the times! My housemates and I are seriously considering getting a dog in the near future, so your ideas for exercise for small dogs comes at just the right time. It’s good to know there are alternatives to just walking them around the block. Thanks, Tammy!

    • Thanks Veronica. Good luck with your new pup. I’ve had dogs my whole life so if you need any help or advice, I’m happy to help!

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