I give this product 5 out of 5 stars!

The Best Dog Car Seat


In my opinion, this is the best small dog car seat.  You HAVE to keep your small dog safe when traveling.  You wouldn’t travel without a car seat for a child.  My dogs are like my children so there is no way I would travel without them in a car seat. I see so many drivers with their small dogs in their lap and hanging out the window while they’re driving.  This makes me cringe!!

How I Use My Small Dog Car Seats

I use this car seat almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I’ll take one of my toy breed dogs on errands.  I put a blanket on the bottom and she can lay down or sleep while I’m driving around.


I also take my dogs to the beach and dog parks, they LOVE this!  The sand can be a bit messy, but I try to wipe most of it off with a towel before they get in the car.  Any leftover sand will be contained in the car seat, which makes it easy for clean up later.  Just pull out the seat and tip it upside down, then wipe with a wet rag, if needed.  My Toy Rat Terrier loves to go in the water so she’s a little messier and needs to be wiped down the most.