Dogs On Honeymoons

When a newly engaged friend of mine began to make wedding plans, I offered to watch her dogs while she was on her honeymoon. I knew that her dogs would be happy at our house, and I hoped that would allow her to leave any canine-related worries behind. She seemed shocked by my offer, though, because she had never considered going on her honeymoon without her dogs. When I said, “Oh, you’ll be taking them with you?” […]

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Smiling Dog: Stella

Dog’s name and age: Stella, 7 years Stella’s Adoption Story:We were walking through the Arizona Humane Society and saw Stella jumping up and down in her kennel. We instantly knew that her crazy self was the perfect match for us.  Fun Tidbits:– Stella loves chasing the iRobot around the house.– She knows how to sit, shake, and lay down.– She loves playing Finder’s Keepers. If her people don’t know she’s taken something, she’ll come and show them, […]

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If Only We Could Love So Loudly

Tink is a 4.9-pound Chihuahua, the size of a bread loaf. She pees on a square pad in the bathroom. She loves peanut butter and hates grapes. When I play the piano, she sings along—a wolf to the moon. Tink was a mermaid for Halloween this year. Her costume hooked on with Velcro—a strap under her belly and a strap around her neck. She wore a silver spiked crown that accentuated her huge ears and stayed on […]

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Dog Paw Treatment – Musher’s Secret Review 2019

Natural paw treatment

Today’s article will be about healthy dog paws and a great dog paw treatment. Musher’s Secret  If you have a dog you need to know about Musher’s Secret. It’s a great dog paw treatment. This stuff is the best! Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean we stop walking our dogs. The salt on the roads and sidewalks can irritate their paws though. We put Musher’s Secret on and off we go for our walks […]

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For gait transitions, stability often trumps energy savings

A dog’s gait, according to the American Kennel Club, is “the pattern of footsteps at various rates of speed, each distinguished by a particular rhythm and footfall.” When dogs trot, for example, the right front leg and the left hind leg move together. This is an intermediate gait, faster than walking but slower than running. In the December 12, 2018 issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a multi-institutional team of researchers based at the […]

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Dog Health Problems Symptoms – Dog Anemia

Dog Anemia

Anemia Home Remedies   Anemia in dogs: the overriding symptom of anemia is weakness, exacerbated by loss of appetite. Dogs tend to have pale gums; the color inside their ears may be pale, too, rather than pink. Because anemia is a generalized condition, it also exaggerates other symptoms: a lame dog, for example, will appear lamer if he becomes anemic.   Dog Anemia occurs, in essence, when the body’s red blood cell count drops. Since iron is […]

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Students around the globe collect quality, eye-opening research data on mammals

Children all over the world are learning science by collecting data and running experiments in their classroom. But what if the data they collected during their school day could be used to help scientists? Turns out, it can. Researchers at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and NC State University, running a large-scale camera-trap study called eMammal, recently enlisted the help of K-12 students from 28 schools and four countries — the United States, India, Mexico […]

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Dogs And Treadmills – Dog Depression Treatment

dogs and treadmills

My Dog Seems Depressed! It is not uncommon for dogs to get depressed. They can become bored very easily and when they are bored for extended periods of time this can lead to dog depression. The more intelligent the dog, the more likely it is to get depressed as they need more stimulation in the form of work or activities that can keep their mind active.     Dog Depression Symptoms   Appetite changes – A depressed […]

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Amazon GiveAway! Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys Dogs

dog toys

Click on “Play Now” below to see if you’re a winner. Please come back to our site as we plan to do these GiveAways often!     See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toys Dogs. Click the link below to play and see if you’re a winner!    Click To  << PLAY NOW >>     NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules   Or Buy […]

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