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dog anxiety remedies

There are Times when You Will Need to be Apart from your dog


Today, I will be writing about Dog Anxiety Remedies and Dog Anxiety, in general.

The Most Common, Separation Anxiety 

Unless you have no intention of ever being apart from your toy dog, then it is a wise decision to train it to be happy while you are away.  This is important because YOU will start having anxiety worrying about your pup and how they are acting while you’re away.  You will start to feel bad every time you need to leave your pooch and won’t be able to enjoy your life and activities outside the home.


Since we have our pets for many years, there will be times when there is no alternative but to leave your dog alone or with someone else. The sooner they become accustomed to staying on their own, as puppies, the easier it will be for both you and your beloved dog. It is a lot harder to leave an older dog on its own if you have never been apart since it was a puppy.

You don’t want your dog doing this, or worse, while you’re away!

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Dogs can get separation anxiety quite easily as they cannot be told when we will be back and they will assume that you have left them for good. By training them when they are young, they will accept that you will be gone for while and will remain happy knowing that you will be coming back soon.


Taking your toy breed dog with you


I know people who have failed to train their dogs properly and they have the burden of never being able to leave their dog alone or with anyone else. This can make certain situations very difficult. I have seen people take their dog to events and then have to check on them constantly throughout the event to see that their dog is okay in their vehicle for extended periods of time. Not only do they not get to fully enjoy the event, the dog could be panicking, could be really cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, among other things like needing a potty break.  (NEVER leave a pet in your car when it’s HOT!) Not training or conditioning them to be alone is unfair to the animal as there can be times when it is not possible for you to be with your dog, like in an emergency.


If your dog is trained to accept these times away, it won’t be a big deal, but a dog who has never been apart from its owner could be devastated. It will benefit your dog to get used to time away from you, so if you haven’t done so already, start a plan to help it cope as soon as possible.


Here are the Dog Separation Anxiety Remedies that work for my dogs


  1. Most important: Crate Training. The younger they are, the better.
  2. Put one of your T-Shirts or item of clothing with your smell on it in their bed or crate when you leave.
  3. Jingle your keys around for sound so they get used to hearing it and not get excited or stressed over the sound.
  4. Don’t talk to your dog or get them excited when you are leaving, this also goes for your return. Just be very casual and ignore them when walking out the door and back in.  What you think is excitement is usually stress because they know you are leaving.
  5. Start leaving for short periods of time.  Start with 2 minutes, wait awhile. Go back out for 5 minutes, wait awhile.  Do this multiple times until you reach 1 hour, then 2 hours, etc. This lets them know that you will always return.
  6. Leave the television or soft music on. My dogs love to watch DogTV.


You need to be calm, patient and keep doing these conditioning techniques so your dog could care less if you leave.  It will make you and your dog happy and content!


Other Dog Anxiety Remedies


  • Get your toy dog a playmate. They will keep each other company and wear themselves out playing all the time.
  • Give your small dog lots of exercise.  A tired dog has no energy to get stressed out.
  • Try Melatonin. It’s safe, non-toxic and helps to reduce stress.
  • Rescue Remedy – safe, all natural and works great for any anxiety. Works for people and pets.


Dog Crates that look like furniture


What experiences have you had with dog anxiety?  What has worked for you?  Please share your success and remedies in the comments below.



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  • Thanks for the great info. I have 2 cats and one gets separation anxiety pretty badly. I am totally guilty of talking to them when I am leaving and when I get home 🙁
    I will try to stop that habit now, thanks for the helpful tips!

    • Tammy

      Hi Kat,

      I used to talk baby talk to my dogs when leaving and coming home. Boy did that get them all riled up! Now, that they are conditioned to my leaving, I can talk to them when coming and going. They just look at me and walk away and go back to their beds or whatever… 🙂

  • You know when I read the headline I thought it was to help relieve the anxiety in dogs, not humans, lol.

    I can understand how dogs though do get anxious when their owners are away. I hear from time to time dogs barking in my neighborhood because their owners have gone to work.

    Some great advice here that I will surely use myself. And will share with my friends as well.

    Thank you.

    • Tammy

      LOL, yes our dogs can stress us humans out too! I’m in a rural area now, but when I lived in the city, I could hear dogs barking all over the neighborhood. Thank you for your comment.

  • What a great article! I do not have any dogs right now, but I remember my mom’s toy Yorkshire Terrier, and what a crazy relationship the two of them had.
    Sometimes “Pippi” would get in a snit with my mom, and he would ignore her. Then my mom would jingle her keys and all would be forgiven.
    My mom said her dog would not acknowledge her for a whole day if she went somewhere without Pippi. Clearly, the dog had my mom trained! lol
    Thank you for the great tips and I will be bookmarking your site!

    • Tammy

      OMG, Irma, that’s so funny how Pippi acted with your mom. Dogs can have their own personalities and sometimes seem almost human. Thanks for sharing this story!

  • We have two Basho’s one scratches her back on our bed rail until it bleeds. Do you have any suggestions? I also sell CBD. It has really been a help to me for anxiety. The company I am affiliated with are in Florida and their hemp is grown in Kentucky. They sell all kinds of CBD including for pets. I have sold some to pet owners for pet anxiety.

    You have a good web site and I love all the dog pictures.

    • Tammy

      Thank you, Ray. I’ve given my dog CBD before. It worked ok, but I have better luck with Melatonin and Rescue Remedy for anxiety. As far as the back scratching goes, it sounds like a hot spot. You might want to try Zymox products. It comes in creams, sprays and ointments. Zymox It works really well for itchy hot spots, good luck!

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