Small Dog Potty Training Tips and Guide

How do I Potty Train My Dog?

House break your dog

Potty Training

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Here are some small dog house training facts.

You can do indoor dog potty training or outdoor, you will follow the same steps. ​​ Some people that live in high-rise apartments or small spaces prefer the indoor dog potty training. ​​ You just need to designate the potty space where you want your dog to go.

If you don’t teach your new best friend not to pee and poop in your house, he won’t be your friend for long!

  • Fact 1: Adult dogs can be housebroken the same as puppies.

  • Fact 2: ​​ Puppies have limited bladder & bowel control.

  • Fact 3: Dogs like to sleep in a clean area.

  • Fact 4: Dogs do best when kept to a routine schedule.

  • Fact 5: Punishing a dog after he has an accident in the house is pointless, and may do more harm than good.

Before you start, here are some dog potty training aids you will want to get.

  • Small dog crate so they have a clean, warm place to rest and sleep

  • Nature's Miracle to remove the scent from accidents

  • Dog Potty Training Pads so they know "where" to go if they can't make it outside in time

  • Natural Dog treats to give when they do the “deed” in the correct spot

  • A small bathroom or laundry room to keep them in. ​​ You need to keep them confined until they learn where to go. ​​ If you want to keep them in your living room or bedroom, I recommend buying a small dog playpen.




Dog Potty Training Tips

A new puppy (or dog) that is not housebroken should be restricted to one of these three situations at all times:

1. Inside under your constant and attentive supervision.
2. Outside
with you.
3. Confined to his crate/den.

Steps to potty train small dogs

Determine where you want your dog to go potty.

Know when your puppy needs to go.

Keep your puppy under your constant and attentive supervision, or confined to his crate, when indoors.

Take your dog to his designated toilet area every hour or whenever he needs to go (see Step 2 in the guide), whichever is less, and teach him to go on command.

Spend time playing with or training your puppy or take him for a nice walk.


These are my dog house training tips. ​​ For complete step-by-step directions to potty train your dog, please sign up for the training guide above.

~ What experiences have you had with dog potty training? Please share any tips or advice in the comments below.



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  • I have two dogs. They both had some issues in the beginning of training but they caught on fast. I think most dogs do. I agree that punishing a dog for an accident can lead to negative things. Generally i found/find that it is not the dogs fault if they have an accident. They were probably holding it too long. Puppies really can’t hold their business for very long.

  • Hi
    I remember potty training my Jack Russell Many years ago ! I remember thinking it’s worse then training a child ! But with practice, patience, a lot of following her around & plenty of “good girl” she learnt to always come to you in a certain way & I would know exactly that she wanted to go out.
    Great post

    • Tammy

      Yes, you need plenty of patience and you need to have the time for a puppy. If done right, it should take no time at all for your pup to get it and know exactly what to do and where to go. ? Thank you for your comment.

  • Ronnie Jordan

    Thank you for the tips. It makes dealing with this problem a lot more understanding. My question is what will be some good tips for a dog who is hard at learning? I remember as a kid we had a dog that was very hard to teach. I often wondered if he just had too many breeds mixed up in him or something. Is this something that happens with some dogs?

    • Tammy

      Some dogs need more conditioning, more repetition, more patience. Take them outside more often and praise them well when they go where they’re supposed to with treats and affection or they’re favorite toy. They will get it eventually, just don’t give up. ? you can also leave them with a professional trainer for awhile. Thank you for the questions.

  • Hi tammy,

    love the post! Love the pics too especially the dog cleaning up! If only!!

    I don’t have dogs but my daughter does. She is great at training them too and she will love this post. I am trying to get her to start a blog but she is also studying to be a chiropractor so maybe in a couple of years.

    Really good tips and I am sharing the post with her 🙂


    • Tammy

      Thank you for sharing this with your daughter and for your comment. Good luck to her and her studying, I’m sure she’ll enjoy that profession.

  • I am looking forward to your guide on potty training. Our dog is older and we adopted her from a shelter. She has had issues with going potty inside pretty much since we have had her. I just never realized you can potty train an older dog just like a puppy. The strange thing is, it seems like most dogs go to the door, or yip to get outside, but she just doesn’t do that. When she is out, she does her business, and we always praise her. For some reason it’s just not consistent. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading your guide.

    • Tammy

      Thank you, Steve. I hope it helps. One of my dogs does not whine or go to the door either. I let her out first thing in the morning and right before bed.

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