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  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs
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    Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    Is characterized by destructive behavior when the dog is left alone. This behavior can include barking, howling, destroying household items, digging, chewing and sometimes urination.  Some dogs will literally go into a panic and dig at a door or a window to try and escape and find their owner. Typically this is set off when […] More

  • Rescue Remedy fоr Anxious Dogs
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    Rescue Remedy fоr Anxious Dogs

    Types of Rescue Remedy: Pet, Dropper, Spray, Pastilles, Pearls, Cream or Chewing Gum) My Rating: 9 out of 10 Does Rescue Remedy Actually Work? My opinion? – yes, I believe it does work.  I have personally used Rescue Remedy, and in my opinion, it is a great product. It is very effective at reducing feelings […] More