The Single Best Strategy To Use For Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Is characterized by destructive behavior when the dog is left alone. This behavior can include barking, howling, destroying household items, digging, chewing and sometimes urination.  Some dogs will literally go into a panic and dig at a door or a window to try and escape and find their owner.


Separation Anxiety


Typically this is set off when the owner goes to leave the dog at home and can even start when the dog senses or sees small signs that the owner is leaving the house. It is common for a dog with separation anxiety to also respond to the owner’s return with hyperactivity after a period of being left alone. Some dogs will even follow their owner from room to room to make sure they will not be left alone.


Some owners find using a distraction for their pet while they go out is a good way to relieve some anxiety.  This can include leaving the radio or tv on so the dog can hear humans talking or leaving them with a toy or a treat ball to give them something else to focus on.



The Best Strategy To Use For Separation Anxiety in Dogs is Desensitizing


It can be helpful to change the leaving routine so that the dog is unaware of your intention to leave. Normally, a dog will notice small signs like the owner putting on shoes or grabbing the keys and in a dog with separation anxiety this can translate into panic.



Try making leaving the house unexpected to your dog by putting your shoes on outside or leaving without doing your leaving routine. Then after waiting 10 minutes outside, return to the house. This begins to desensitize the dog to the fear of separation. It is good to make sure that leaving the house and arriving is always a calm event. If the owner responds to the dog in an excited way, it increases the excitement of the dog.


Another Strategy to Desensitize a Dog with Separation Anxiety


Show the dog repeatedly that the leaving routine doesn’t need to result in a panic attack. The owner of the dog goes through the familiar leaving routine, grabbing keys, putting on shoes and picking up a bag to leave, then sitting down again. After repeating this exercise a number of times, try going one step further and finish the leaving routine by opening the door and standing outside it for a minute, but with the door open. These exercises need to be repeated over and over to desensitize the dog.


It is important to get a dog with separation anxiety comfortable with even short absences; daily routines like getting the paper, result in a short absence and this can be used to make the dog feel that leaving will result in the owners return.



Once your dog can handle short absences (30 to 90 minutes), he’ll usually be able to handle longer intervals alone and you won’t have to repeat this process every time you are planning a longer absence. The hard part is at the beginning, but the job gets easier as you go along. Nevertheless, you must go slowly at first. How long it takes to condition your dog to being alone depends on the severity of his problem.


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How about you? Have you ever experienced Separation Anxiety in Dogs? Please share with us in the comments below.


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  • I am going to forward this to a family member who has a large dog with large separation anxiety. With the dog being bigger, he tends to get destructive at times and that’s not good for anyone. These tips sound incredibly useful and just reminds me how intelligent dogs are and how they can be trained. Dogs are extremely social animals so it’s understandable why they experience separation anxiety. It’s only natural, but as the article mentions, there are strategies to use for separation anxiety and they sound as if they work.

    • Tammy

      Hello Mike, thanks for the comment on separation anxiety in dogs. The desensitization really works! If your family member needs any help, please have them contact me. 🐾

  • Cheska J

    I actually saw this in a episode of Dog Whisperer, that show with Cesar Millan in it. The dog kept chewing on household furniture while the owner was away and it eventually affected the relationship between the housemates/friends who shared the house. I noticed Cesar did also use desensitizing in his approach to train the dog and it worked wonders! Great tips and definitely helpful for those who are facing such problems with their beloved dogs.

    • Tammy

      Hi Cheska, I watch Cesar Milan also! It amazes me what he can do with the really difficult cases. I’ve used the desensitizing with great results. 🙂

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