The Toy Rat Terrier Dog Breed

Hypoallergenic: No

Life span: 13 – 18 years

Height: 8.5 – 11 in. (At Shoulder)

Origin: United States of America

Temperament: Loyal, Playful, Intelligent, Friendly, Spirited, Alert

Colors: Varies; every color you can imagine


Here is information on the (mini) or Toy Rat Terrier Dog Breed


The Toy Rat Terrier Dog Breed

Toy Rat Terrier


Toy Rat Terriers are active and inquisitive hunters. They are intelligent, easy to train, need attention and understanding and will reward their owners with love and affection.


They are also: feisty, funny, energetic, lively, vermin-chasing, and not capable of being boring. My Toy Ratty is a little clown.  They get along great with other dogs and some, like mine, love the water.

They make wonderful family pets, they like children and are generally friendly to everyone they meet.


Toy Rat Terrier

Although small in stature, measuring approximately 8.5 in. to 11 in at the shoulder, in their own minds they are much larger!  My Toy Rat Terrier (Lexi) is only 5 pounds and is very outgoing and wouldn’t hurt a fly…but she’s also a great watchdog. She lets me know whenever someone is coming around the house.


A good family pet, Rat Terriers are amazingly perceptive and intuitively respond to your moods. They have a great desire to please, love praise, and will follow you around the house. Bred to work all day on the farm, these little dogs need a lot of exercise.

Toy Rat Terrier care and grooming is similar to that for many short-haired dogs. They will require regular brushing and bathing and their toenails need to be checked from time to time, however, since they are such an active dog their toenails tend to stay short. As with all dogs, a Toy Rat Terrier’s ears may require cleaning on a regular basis. My little Lexi is super easy to bathe in the sink.

Your Toy Rat Terrier will require a securely fenced yard and will need to be walked on a leash. Due to their inquisitive nature they are likely to get into mischief if let out alone.


The Rat Terrier Breed

Toy Rat Terriers were bred to be hunting dogs (they love to hunt mice and rats) and their instinct is to work alone, unsupervised by man. This can make Toy Rat Terrier training an interesting experience! Training needs to be positive and fun; they are quick to pick up new things and do not respond to negative treatment. Because they have been bred to work alone they do not require constant approval as adult dogs, although as puppies they require a great deal of attention and will not like to be left alone during the day. Here is my article to prevent boredom for your dog.

You can expect your Toy Rat Terrier to live a long and healthy life – often to 13 years or more. They are strong and seldom get ill if properly cared for.


Toy Rat Terrier puppy

Your Toy Rat Terrier will consider itself to be a part of the family and will want to be with you wherever you are and whatever you are doing! I take Lexi all over the County and on road trips. She loves to go on hikes and swimming at the beaches and bay. She is also the best ball fetcher I’ve ever had! She will play fetch for hours and always drops the ball at my feet. I never trained her to do this. It was natural for her since she was a puppy.


Be sure to get your Toy Rat Terrier dog some toys of its own to play with.  This can add a lot of fun and happiness to its life, but more importantly, getting the dog involved in family activities will have a positive effect on its mental state and happiness, not to mention wearing out all that energy!


Toy Rat Terrier Lexi

They love to be taken for walks or a run along the beach. They get to look at a different environments and interact with strangers and other dogs.

This social interaction is very important for the overall well being of your Rat Terrier dog and it is something that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Any time spent with your terrier dog, whether it is training or just enjoying playtime, is great for building a long and happy relationship.


Toy Ratty’s playing in the pool

Toy Rat Terriers Swimming in Pool


More great information on the breed can be found here Rat Terrier Review


The Toy Rat Terrier Dog Breed


What experience have you had with a Toy Rat Terrier or the larger Rat Terrier? Please share your stories or comments below.

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  • These are lovely toy dogs. We all spend a lot of money on food but these things are also of great importance for their health and enjoyment. I really like this and will forward it to all my friends who have pet dogs.

  • Wow, such a cutie =) I am a chihuahua lover and seeing a close resemblance to these cute fur babies excites me =) I am super happy you shared this Tammy =) Now, you made me want a Toy Rat Terrier too =)

    • Tammy

      Hi JR! I love chihuahua’s too. They do resemble each other for sure. If you happen to ever get one, please come back and share with us, thanks!

  • KD Forsman

    wow what a gorgeous dog, he’s like the perfect mix of my two dogs – I have a chihuahua and a fox terrier (which looks like a bigger version of the rat terrier). Despite their size they look like they have a ton of energy! Thanks so much for sharing, cheers, Karen

    • Tammy

      Hi Karen, I love the combo of your dog! I’ve had a “Toy” Fox Terrier. She’s very similar as far as energy, intelligence, friendliness and size. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

  • What an adorable dog! I have two dogs, as well as watching dogs in my home everyday. One of mine, Teddy, is part Maltese and part terrier. There are so many varieties of Terrier, that it is hard to know which one he has. BUT, after seeing these pictures, specifically the first one, I can see so much resemblance to my Teddy. Glad I found this information! Thanks.

    • Tammy

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on the Toy Rat Terrier. I bet your Teddy is super cute too! Here is another terrier breed you may not be aware of: The Toy Fox Terrier. Very similar, but does not come in all colors, mostly white.

  • Brandon

    What an amazing breed! I’ve never ever heard about this dog before but by the looks of it, I truly want one now. My kids will love to have one. Since they are easy to train, they’re friendly and intelligent I think this is a no-brainer. They are just too cute not to pass up. Thanks a lot for the wealth of information you’ve provided here 🙂 Cheers and have a great day!

  • Penelope

    I don’t realize how small these dogs are until I see the surroundings – she can fit inside of one kitchen tile! And that tennis ball is almost as big as her face! But still, I like that yours is a good watch dog and that they are friendly to people and kids…I know that friendliness isn’t common to every breed especially small breeds (thinking of chihuahuas here). Thanks for the great info, there is just tooo toooo much to learn about dogs.

    • Tammy

      Hi Penelope, the ball photo was when she was a puppy (and the ball is “mini” size). She was super tiny. Now it fits in her mouth, barely! She’s only 5 pounds full grown. These dogs are very friendly and not yappy or nippy, like a chihuahua. Although, I feel with the correct socialization and upbringing, Chi’s can be just as enjoyable as the toy rattys. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

  • Hi Tammy, I agree with Penelope, Once we see these dogs in real, then we realize these are too tiny and super adorable, so cute. These balls are awesome for their play, i have gifted these same balls to my friends dog and he thoroughly enjoys it, our little pets also needs toys and fun to play and stay happy and healthy.

  • Elise Garcia

    How do i know if my Ratty is a toy? I had a Ratty for 15.5 years and she was a medium size build. I now have a 4.5 month old Ratty and she is super tiny. It seems as though she is not growing. I started doing my research and came across toy rat terriers, which I had no idea were a thing.

    • Tammy

      Hello Elise, where did you get her? From a breeder, rescue or shelter? They should know if from a breeder since they will have the mom and dad. A full grown toy rat terrier will average 4 to 7 pounds. What is her height and weight? Maybe she is a runt or has a health problem if she isn’t growing. I recommend taking her to a vet unless she’s active and eating well. Most are VERY active with lots of energy! True purebred toy ratty’s are registered. Enjoy your little fur baby! 🐾

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